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So apparently American Cinema isn’t as big in Japan as it should be. Because the Japs don’t see the sheer folly in giving their robots lasers and teaching them how to fight.

Man this is sooo me. More at

If you enjoy watching time slip away, here’s a new screen saver you might like.  It drops large numbers (the actual time) into water with all the cool splashes in slow motion.  Pretty sweet looking but be warned it’s 150 …

As always google is a step ahead of everyone else, but they are licensing that technology to the common man.  Google gDay let’s you search tomorrows  internet today! Google gDay

I heard about this and I just had to laugh. Rush Limbaugh has elicited the help of his call screener Bo Snerdley to criticize Obama in areas requiring an African American perspective. Mr. Snerdley offers his criticism twice – once …