Scott Slogans

A fun slogan generator takes your name and adds it to popular slogans… and when that gets old switch to the movie quote generator.  Good for funny, weird and suggestive -uhm- time wasting.

A few examples:

  • Come See the Softer Side of Scott.
  • If You Can’t Beat Scott, Join Scott.
  • You’re in Good Hands with Scott.
  • Moms Like You Choose Scott.
  • A Scott. Shaken, not stirred.
  • Madness? This is Scott!
  • First rule of Scott Club is – you do not talk about Scott Club.


Thanks Ken

Vanished; Without A Trace

TV shows aside, Tragedy struck the heart of south-central LA as a coveted pair of shades went missing on the beaches of San Diego. After two exhustive searches the special FBI Task Force has yet to find a viable lead.

This picture was taken less than an hour before it’s disappearance.? If you have an information regarding the whereabouts of these shades, please contact the FBI or your local authorities.? The clock is ticking folks!