This is some fun flash of Kozo the dancing hippo. Boy has got some moves! Kozo Thanks Dre

This site has a few humorous transcripts from some OnStar customers that DIDN’T make the commercial. OnStar Transcripts

Everybody likes seeing things blow up, but now you can have the stuff you hate star in the explosive footage – for a small fee, of course. Yes for $100 this web site will blow X up for your (generally …

While they have yet to perfect their ability to predict rain, the Weather Channel apparently are able to determine in the relative amount of mosquitos in your area down to two hour intervals. Amazing. Mosquito Forecast Thanks Rob

For a little google fun, try typing: french military victories into Google and select the I’m feeling lucky button. Look close. Anyway, I quite enjoyed the complete (but short) history of the French Military. French Military History Thanks Jeremy