Shirt For Triathletes

We don’t usually plug products here – unless we’re getting a cut of the $$$!  :D

If you are a triathlete and want to show some pride for your sport and/or hard ass training regiment, check out “We make shirts for the greatest athletes in the world: Triathletes.”

Heck even if you’re not a triathlete and just want to pretend you are… I’m sure they’ll take your money too.  ;)

Qualcomm Stadium vs. The Super Dome

Interesting piece comparing two stadiums filled with people from natural disasters. One was filled with blood, rapes, and stabbings (which turned out to not have actually happened) and the other is filled with happy people and rock concerts?

Will FEMA and Bush get credit here? Does it come down to a competent mayor or perhaps the Gov-inator? Things to ponder…