Forming your own body kits from fiberglass is costly and time consuming, not to mention that mess it leaves. But now with this amazing breakthrough technology that fiberglass feasco is a thing of the PAST! Wooden body kits eliminate all …

Ah, this will go well with the Duct Tape wallet I picked up at the Downhere concert. Duct Tape Bag

Apparently the wedding with one-time TV star Herby went well. The clear VW traded in her wedding attire for a gold ensemble instead.

This is a cool, see through (mostly at least) VW Bug. I’m not sure if they were going for a wedding theme – no they were. -sniff- Herby’s got himself a bride!

Tired after a long day of coding/gaming on the computer? Kick back and relax on a couch made entirely out of mousepads. Mousepad Couch