Site News

All of our stuff has been moved to the new server… and so we held our breath and updated the DNS… and it worked! (mostly) In a few days the updated DNS info will move through the system and show …

Posting has been sparse… but we’re fighting flus, moving servers, finishing basements, and studing for graduate school entrance exams… so sorry, we’ve been busy.

Yes, we've been busy relocating the command center to a new undisclosed location… dang creditors found us again. But fear not, we'll be back on track soon.

Whew! We’ve been spending so much time getting the new site ready, we haven’t posted much in a while… sorry. More good stuff to follow.

Due to popular demand, we have added an archive page to reduce the size of our main page. I had hoped to have either A) some new software that would automate the archiving of older articles or B) 100 pages …