Government Ban On Girl Scout Cookies?

I came across this story looking for something completely different, but it was too good to pass up. Meme Roth the President of the National Action Against Obesity wants to sove the obesity problem by having the government OUTLAW all junk food!

She apparently believes that the only way people can avoid being fat is if they don’t have the chance to eat junk food. Which is stupid for two reasons: 1) you can eat more than your daily amounts in calories in Pasta, Cheese, Bread, Ham, or even Tofu (though the last would be a feat). 2) SKINNY PEOPLE LIKE COOKIES TOO! Don’t punish us along with the fat people!

She also believes that once your fat you will never lose the weight and if you some how do manage to lose the weight you will gain it back — yeah she’s an optimist. My personal experience totally disagrees with her however, to qoute Eric Cartman: "Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals, I’m living proof. (Beefcake! Beefcake!)"

Anyway this lady is completely off her rocker and the most anti-cookie person I believe I’ve ever met. Hey Meme, I currently have 3 large candy bowls in the house: the guest bowl, my personal candy bowl, and of course the poker room’s peanut M&M bowl. AND I’m wearing a belt so that my size 32 jeans dont’ sag down too far (I’m too old and too white for "sagging") so keep your governmental bans off my goodies! As a side note, can anyone explain to me how sagging is still around in its second decade? I was sure that fad would have faded long ago.

Finish Your Plate, There Are Fat People In Africa That Wish They Had Your Food

That’s right, obesity is getting out of hand in Africa. The World Health Organization is quite concerned. Just don’t correct your mother….

My favorite part of this article is the BEST EVER excuse not to lose weight: "I don’t want people to think I’ve got TB or AIDs…" Try and top that one American Fatties!

And apparently the fat now officially outnumber the starving: "Worldwide, an estimated 1 billion people are overweight, compared to 800 million who are undernourished." Way to go progress!

Calories Per Hour

Since it’s been raining a lot the last two days, I’ve been using the old Elipse instead of the standard run or bike. But how much is that accomplishing? The built-in counter in the Elipse rolled over 1000 calories before I hit an hour… doubtful. If you want more weight loss tips, visit Cleve Scene.

So I set out to find an approximation on the web. Calorie calculators abound but some are hard to use and all of them have different numbers. For instance running a 10min/mile pace for 6 miles (1 hour) will burn 793, 684, 680, or 900 calories depending on whom you ask. (I used a 150lb male as a nice round number)

I personally liked this calorie calculator the best. It was simple to use and had some fun activites. Did you know you burn 90 calories an hour watching TV? That’s a full 9 more calories than sleeping! Vaccuming, ironing and general cleaning are a much better way to keep that girlish figure. So remember that the next time you’re eating bon bons and watching Oprah – your man is being messy to help you lose that weight. ;)

Diet Tip

Today's Tip: Cut out the Cokes.

I know it's painful… we've been well marketed too… we NEED that bubbly, colored, sugar water.  Or at least we need the caffeine.  :) 

Consider this: a 20 oz bottle of Coke has 250 calories. If you eat out where the servers keep your drinks topped off, it's easy to consume the equivalent of 5 bottles a day without even realizing it.  That's 1250 calories or HALF most people's calorie needs for the day.  Make the switch to water and your body will be happier and you dieting will be EASIER.  Need the caffeine?  Replace your Coke fetish with unsweetened ice tea.

While not as healthy as water or tea, diet Coke is another low cal alternative.  Full cola still too strong a temptation?  Think about the fact that to be "calorie neutral" you'll need to bike 5 miles for each 20 oz of Coke you drink. Suddenly, diet tastes great!

Biggest Loser: Home Edition

Well after a Holiday filled with festivities and uhm pasteries.? So by the first of the year, I had grown out to a rotund 170 lbs. Sooo inspired by the popular TV show The Biggest Loser and the knowledge that another Triathlon season around the corner…. I decided to reign in the goodies.

Today’s result:? 162 lbs.? That takes me about half way to my tri-training weight of 155.? How did I do it? Well popcorn among other things, but I be sharing that with you in future posts