DIY projects

 Basement primer photos:

Well the bathroom is now in, working, and christened.  :D  The hardwood stairs have been installed though the stairs had to be rebuilt to accomplish this.  The new "lower deck" or "smoking deck" framing has begun.

The plumbing is done… well almost.  The mascerating pump (behind the toliet) had a nice big crack in it from shipping.  So while all the plumbing is connected, the bath can't be used until the pump is replaced.  In the …

Well, there has been a lot of progress in the basement.  We'll pics of it all up soon. Here are the before pics for the half bath going into the corner of the basement.  A special back flush toliet is …

The drywall is up in the main room and the rooms seem much more "real" then they do in the framing stage. Though the pink insulation look will be sorely missed.