Do you hate pithy sayings as much as i do? Some glib rhyming/motivational/alliterated/over-done/inane saying that is often matched with a picture in an attempt to add substence and authority to the “words of wisdom”. Many of these are now excedingly popular in the business realm. I mean, why motivate with a sense of purpose, or people’s paycheck, or even common goals when you can give out pretty, small posters (framed of course) instead?

Now apparently someone, with a similar disposition as my own, has gone out and turned this previous marketing genius on its head. has created a litany of sarcastic, jaded products for those of us not motivated by a sunset and the words like “the value of hard earned money” (which incidently is the EXACT same value of money that was easy to come by). Some examples of their creations are listed below.

StrongBad Is Good

Following up on the yesterday’s fun w/ Flash, I’m adding a link to

Home Star…. Runner

It’s quite a humorous way to waste time online, but don’t take my word for it here are the words of some random web people:

“dude, home star runner ist the best (clean) page on the internet… those guys need more credit than they get for making all that! I love that web page…… Strong bad rocks!” — Posted by: Homestawkid at Aug 9, 2003 5:08 AM

“hoh man, i absolutely love strong bad and homestah wunnuh. lol. strong-bad email’s are the best! wish they had something new everyday!” –Posted by: DDRingSkaGurlie at Sep 24, 2003 12:09 PM

“Yeah, homestarrunner rocks! I like Teen Girl Squads, the Jap. Cartoon one and of course the StrongBad Emails. I wish they did MORE teen girl squads, it makes me laugh so hard when I see it.” –Posted by: Homestarrunnergirl at Jan 27, 2004 12:36 AM

I mean if 3 random people can’t convince you then I don’t what will…. the japanamation one is a classic, though.

Stick Figure Fun

If you enjoy Flash (as in the web technology not the super hero) or humor or -gasp- both. The following link should give you hours of enjoyment (but this is probably not suitable for small children –stick figure death is surprisingly realistic; i mean the blood is red and everything!):