K.I.T.T. Road Trip

This is the story of a boy and his crimefighting supercar. Through the wonders of ebay, Jason was able to aquire the Knight Industries Two Thousand or K.I.T.T. This is the chronicle of that fateful trip home, Jason really puts it best: After saying farewell to my new friends, KITT and I hit the road, heading west… Everywhere I went, people wanted their picture with KITT. Every time I stopped the car – getting gas, at tourist attractions, even stoplights, someone would ask about him.I made a lot of new friends on the road. And, you know, fought crime. kitt-road-trip.jpg KITT and I roamed far and wide across this great nation… Putting right what once went wrong… And stopping to enjoy the scenery whenever it warranted. The road opened up wide before us. KITT always did his best to keep me out of trouble, but we had plenty of misadventures. We even had a very SPECIAL adventure in Vegas… I learned a lot on that journey. A lot about America. A lot about myself. “One man CAN make a difference,” said the really intense voice in the Knight Rider opening credits. While the dorky obsession is obvious, Jason weaves a compelling visual tale of a six day road trip rife with destinations. It makes you want to suit up and hit the road yourself… well maybe in a few weeks when gas comes back down…

Thanks Sarah

Jewelry For Nerds

This is for you nerds out there… You know who you are… It's over-priced jewelry made out of electrical components. Like diodes necklaces and resistor bracelets. These might sell for well for novelty sake, but it is hard to pay $400 for a necklace that is made out of compentents that cost pennies.