Pimp My Cart?

Taking a page from MTV (what did that M stand for again?), Lex & Terry Pimped a shopping cart and awarded it to a lucky homeless person (well if you can be lucky and homeless at the same time). Some of the features on this cart include

  • Video screen w/ TV tuner
  • GPS Tracking
  • Refridgerator/warmer
  • and a Solar Powered battery charging system to run it all…

The pics are great, but seriously — I have to wonder if this is just going get this guy mugged for his "ride".

Vacation Was Great

Sorry about the lack of updates, but we've been away. Away at the Beach! Oh yeah, we spent some quality time in the sun on a secluded island. What was it like? Well you've already seen and experienced it if you've seen a Corona commercial… cause that's where they shoot them. It actually is a pretty accurate description of what life is like there. The island is small enough that instead of renting a car you rent a golf cart — with monster tires of course. Tooling around the island on a Monster Cart enjoying the crystal blue green water and drinking cervezas (generally Sol & XX, pronounced dos equis) can be quite taxing. Once drained from our trip, we returned so that the masses could continue to enjoy our great site.

We got some great pics during a SCUBA outing… we'll post those pics soon.

Loudon Boat

For those of you that don't know: Loudon is a rural county in good-old East Tennessee. Ah yes, East TN where the nature is beautiful and the locals are -well- not always so bright. This kinda reminds me of that guy that rigged up the weather balloons to a lawn chair and… ok not THAT stupid, but this does involve a lawn chair… This picture was taken by a wildlife agent with Loudon County and is for real. I don't know… I think if this guy was like 14, I'd be giving him props for ingenuity… but since he looks about 30, I think someone needs to introduce him to the Walmart where you can get a small fishing boat for a few hundred bucks.

Thanks Sarah

UPDATE: I think this guy could have a very lucrative career working as a consultant down in 'Cuba… :D

The Tri/Bi-Cycle

This training bike looks like something out of a sci-fi movie… 3 wheeled for stability, and as the bike gains speed "an articulating hub draws the wheels inward to mimic a single wheel". Very cool. Where we're these when we were kids? "Training Wheels" can't hold a candle to this puppy.

Small Mother…

Wow, everything just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Check out this new motherboard that is limited mainly buy the need for stuff to plug into it… you know like monitors and keyboards and such. Otherwise it could have been half that size. Honest.