Now here is an idea to keep current in the cel phone era… portable phone booths. I wish they were smaller so that I could hand them out to the cel-phone-shouters of the world. Oh well until then I’ll just …

This guy built a full-scale WORKING grandfather clock out of legos. Awesome. Lego Clock

These are funny. Some day maybe we’ll have our photo albums back so that great pics like these can have a home. UPDATE: Flicker Slideshow now available. Thanks Sarah

Or more precisely, pretty inside-of-case. This is one sweet looking CPU and I do mean CPU since you can see all the guts of this one — and boy is they pretty! Clear Case Cool

Sorry a little calculator humor. And this thing is actually a shelf system… a shelf system with SEVENTEEN SPEAKERS!!!… Yeah it’s pretty rediculous, but if you go for that sort of thing it can be had for many easy payments …