"The theme was fortune, magic and lucky charms but with his project, Raffaele Iannello chose to probe the world of black magic with this knife set and distinctive holder. The striking result has gone through several iterations and is now …

RoboGames formerly the RoboOlympics kick of this Friday in San Francisco. Basically it's BattleBots but with more events. And hey, robots… fire… destruction… yeah. You know. RoboGames "Alcoholic Stepfather" Lots O Robot Pics

You know how frizzy your hair gets!…. Yeah here's a great gift for the morbid princess in your life and a great laugh for the rest of us. Hair Dryer Handgun

This was just too cool not to mention. Even though it's obivious HOW it was done it's still pretty dang COOL. transparent screen

Oh yeah, iPods are everywhere… even Lego Land. If you like the lego (oh sorry Brix) guy, you can proudly wear him on your new limited edition t-shirt. Complete with a magnetic clasp to make your iPod Shuffle part of …