A cool axe for those of us that miss having the time to play with legos all day. Lego Guitar

A nice video capturing the Bay Area Seqway Polo Team in action. Set to music to heighten the excitement. Seqway Polo

Nasa’s probe Cassini entered orbit around Saturn and began sending back disturbing pictures about what the Empire is doing with their bloated construction budget. Oh, I mean it sent back some pics of the moon Mimas Death Star Moon

You have probably heard of the term nano-technology (even if you aren’t sure what it is), but Nano Flowers is probably a new one. Developed by Cambridge University PhD student Ghim Wei Ho, these crysaline flowers have been created in …

Here are some pics of the soon to be out ASUS MyPal A730 that compare it to the ipaq 41xx, my current PDA of choice. MyPal A730