Jelly Belly Tribute

The makers of Jelly Belly jelly beans have created a jelly bean tribute to President Reagan. President Ronald Reagan discovered Jelly Belly’s wares while Gov. of California. He used jelly beans as a sort of nicotine sugar patch to help him quit smoking.

Thanks Kenneth

Tron’s Fat Brother

Here’s a funny site about a guy’s journey to be the coolest Tron friend type person there is. At a costume party at least. The pics are funny but so is some of the text so don’t miss out on great quotes like these:

One note: Splicing el-wire is possible, but not something I’d recommend doing if there’s any alternative. In retrospect, I should have bought longer kits for the arm guards and Frisbee.

It turned out to be easier than I thought, largely because acrylic paint is easy to work with. It went exactly where I told it to go. The learning curve was in figuring out how to tell it.

Tron Boy

Thanks Kenneth

Kitchen Snow

Apparently my dog KC thought that I left her alone for a bit too long today. Or perhaps she was just hiding the several bones that quite honestly were well hidden. Or perhaps she just didn’t like the crinkly sound her new bed made. Whichever. When I came home from work, I discovered snow all over the kitchen. I probably should have been mad, but it just seemed pretty damn funny instead.

BIG Model Plane

Usually when you here the words “model plane”, you think about small plastic models hanging from ceiling in little Jimmies room – or perhaps someone older at the controls out in a field with a the wine of a plane buzzing around the tree tops… You definitely do not think about a B52 bomber so large that you are tempted to strap a saddle to it and ride off into the sunset. The crazy part? It actually flys! With the help of mini jet engines – man you gotta love technology.