Windows 7 Closes Mac Gap

“In recent years, I, like many other reviewers, have argued that Apple’s Mac OS X operating system is much better than Windows. That’s no longer true…

Now, however, it’s much more of a toss-up between the two rivals. Windows 7 beats the Mac OS in some areas, such as better previews and navigation right from the taskbar, easier organization of open windows on the desktop and touch-screen capabilities. So Apple will have to scramble now that the gift of a flawed Vista has been replaced with a reliable, elegant version of Windows.” – Walt Mossberg, WSJ

New Apple Commercial Coming Oct 22nd:

Mac: Hello I’m a Mac.
PC: …And I’m a PC with Windows 7.
Mac: Hey PC did you know that on a Mac you can still pay a lot more for exactly the same hardware?
PC: …
Mac: And Macs still protect you from all sort of nasty things like Blu Ray disks and mice with multiple buttons.
PC: …Oh drat! I don’t do either of those things but I did just get that new video game…
Mac: …
– End of Commercial Apple Chime –

YouTube Parodies:

Mac Guest Account Auto-Deletes Everything

Mac make everything simpler: why wait for a virus to delete your files and your mac can do that for you!

Think your Snow Leopard woes are finally over? Don’t go logging into that Guest account, then. A flurry of reports have surfaced around the web explaining that even an accidental login to one’s Guest account within Snow Leopard could lead to mass deletion of all user files on the primary account, and when we say “mass deletion,” we mean “mass deletion.” The problem goes something like this: if one clicks on the Guest account after upgrading their machine to OS X 10.6, and everything hangs, there’s at least a decent chance that all of your data will be evaporated whenever you surf back over to the main profile. Apple has yet to address the issue (at least publicly), but we’d probably recommend disabling Guest accounts on your rig(s) until all of this gets sorted. You know, unless you actually enjoy watching your data vanish. – Engadget