Universe Protects Itself By Traveling Back From Future

After reading this article about the latest crazy theory on why we can’t yet prove the Big Bang, I couldn’t stop thinking about Romans 1:22. That is “Professing to be wise, they became fools.” Read on and see if you …

It also has a brand new JavaScript engine that will address IE’s historically weak rendering in web apps and similar code. Microsoft already claims the engine is as fast as the improved engine in Firefox 3.6 and that more optimizations …

Windows 7 Whopper

What better way to celebrate the Windows 7 launch than to eat a 7 patty whopper?  Burger King Japan selling Windows 7 burgers

Acer took the wraps off a rumored affordable thin and light tablet in Italy today.  Using the latest Intel ULV chips (which bridge the gap between netbooks and notebooks), the device will offer good performance and battery life.  No word …

Move over Kindle… nook just raised the bar! Nook vs Kindle comparison