Well back from my trip, I set out to put in some time on my bike yesterday.  My normal route had to be changed since S.W.A.T. had set up a command center in the middle of it.  I guess fact …

Another great day for a bike ride.  Unfortunately I left my Garmin on last night so the battery died 7 minutes in… luckily I had my bike computer to fall back too… Bike 11.2 miles – 53:12 

Another ride today, though I was a tad sore from yesterday. Bike 12.1 miles – 57:13. (532 Cals / 155 bpm) 

Today was a beautiful day for biking.  Actually watched the sun set on my ride. Nice. Kinda cut my trip a bit short once it was dark and all though.  Still managed to squeeze in 15 miles even with the …

Today, we took another crack at this whole running thing… Run 2 miles – 18:56