Finally got back to the pool.  Got a solid 47 minutes of swimming in. I didn't feel like counting laps… is my Garmin Forerunner making me lazy?  ;) Swim ~1 mile – 47:43

More running today… 3 miles of intervals. It's actually the first day of running that felt good. Run 3 miles – intervals Ave 173 BPM

Another day, another ride… This one was cut a little short by the Sun calling it a day… Bike 21.91miles – 1:37:01 1002 Cal & 153 Ave BPM 

Whew, did the full distance biking today.  Actually felt pretty good.  Now I've just gotta up my speed by a few mph — oh and still have enough left to run 6 miles.  ;) Bike 24.67 Miles – 1:50:17 1116 …

Well had some technical difficulties with my Garmin today… forgot to hit "start" – oops! Bike 15 miles – 1:04:44