This week was apparently monsoon season.? All of my training was indoors.? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday included 60-70 minutes on the elipse (for a 600-700 cal burn) and the standard navy training of pushups ect. Just one more week …

Today I set out to up my speed on my run, so I went for a shorter faster run out on the bluffs overlooking the Pasific. Run 1.99miles – 18:57 (9:31pace, 299cals) Cooldown .79miles 121cals Pushups: 60 Situps: 200

I went on quite the scenic run today… along a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean here in San Diego. Run 3.04miles – 31:01 (10:11 pace, 445 cals) Cooldown .85miles, 143 cals

Taking a page from the Karate Kid… "Paint the fence Daniel-son." Well not exactly paint. I set out to seal the wood reverse scalloped fence that contains my dogs into a half-acre, third-wooded, canine wonderland. Yesterday, I walked both sides …

Nice ride today… slipped in between thunderstorms. Bike 12.44miles – 58:59 (12.6mph pace, 553 cal)