Have I mentioned that I hate to run… oh well, not going to let stand in my way… Run 3.22miles – 36:48 (11:26/mile pace, 471 cal) Cooldown .63miles (103 cal) Pullups: 15 Pushups: 60 Crunches: 230

Looking forward to my day off tommorrow…  Run 2.67miles – 28:35 (10:42 pace, 402 cals) Cooldown .6miles (90 cals) Pullups: 12 Pushups: 45 Crunches: 170

More progress on my training… just a quick note: for easier review, I always list my training on the date it occurred regardless of if I post it that day or the next.. Bike 9.26 miles – 42:19 (13.1mph pace, …

Lots of rain today.  So I took an easy day. Pullups: 12 Crunches: 250 

I have decided to dust off a training schedule I discovered over 2 years ago: Train Like A Navy Seal. I was wanting a little structure in my training… which for me is strange. But I thought, I'd try a …