Archos 9 Tablet Gets Windows 7

The Archos 9″ Tablet/Slate is inching closer to reality as the first boxing impressions have just hit the net.  This looks like it could be a great web surfer/video player/e reader IF the underclocked Atom CPU can handle it.  We’ll have to wait and see but check the nice video from UMPC Portal in the meantime…

SpaceShipTwo Unveiled

spacetwo.jpgSir Richard Branson officially took the wraps off his shiney new spacecraft.  The SpaceShipTwo rides part of the flight in the center of the WhiteKnightTwo and the continues the last leg into space.  Space tourism will start in 2011 for 6 passengers per flight at around $200k each. Just in time to escape the end in 2012…

Acer 1820PT Shows Up In US

The Acer Aspire 1820PT is the affordable convertible tablet we covered back in October.  After much waiting and an appearance in Australia, the 1820PT finally has an official product page on the Acer site.  Which means it’s release should be just around the corner. Pricing is still unknown but it shouldn’t be too much more than the non-touch 1810T it’s based on which currently sells for around $600.

Another Firefox Tweak

This one improves performance by reducing the frequency of saving the tab states:

The quick fix for this problem, at least for my own sake, is to increase the time between each of the saves performed by session restore. By opening about:config in your Firefox address bar, then typing browser.sessionstore.interval in the filter box, you’ll see a value of 10000, which is in milliseconds. (Meaning your session is saved every 10 seconds.) I changed this to 300000, or every 5 minutes, as I don’t have the urgent need for tab restoration. If you feel like being more on the safe side, try increasing it to something a bit lower, say 120000, or every 2 minutes.

Dual Screen Netbook Now Available

kohjinsha-dz.jpgI think this is a great idea overall.  However, I think the 10″ screens with a max vertical resolution of 600px almost defeats the purpose of the double screen.  I mean while this setup is actually 107% of my 24″ monitor wide it is only 50% as tall (pixel wise).  That coupled with the fact that many programs just don’t play well below 720px high makes this not quite as great as one might assume.

Now take this concept and make it a dual 11.6″ setup with a CULV chip and 9400 Nvidia GPU… and that’s a device that would appeal to a certain segment of professionals.  As it stands, this is a not-quite-there product.

If you’re still interested tho – you can grab it for $913 + importing fees.